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handmade jewellery from vintage and antique cutlery





We hand make jewellery formed from old spoons and other items of antique



We also design bespoke pieces for people, out of their own treasures, passed down from previous generations



for commission photos. 


For something a little different we created the 

Silver Imprint Memory Pendant© 

We can imprint your special memories onto recycled silver, so that you can keep them close to you

and forever in your heart



for examples of our work.


If you'd rather not venture out into the crowds, why not arrange a personalised shopping evening in the comfort of your own home... or you could host a small coffee morning with your close family and friends, where purchases can be made on the day.








To contact us please


In 2009 I joined a silver smith course and learnt how to make various types of jewellery, I gradually began to use different techniques to create my own style.

I enjoyed my new hobby so much, that I started to buy some of the equipment and tools needed to make it from our kitchen table.

With help from my husband and son, we have all shared the same passion for giving used cutlery, some not fit for it's original purpose, a new life.


Using modern and traditional methods, we design unique and individual pieces.

We have been lucky to meet so many like minded people at our events over the years.


Our website is a photo gallery and shows examples of the type of jewellery we make, we're constantly designing new items that can be viewed and purchased at our events.

Handmade Cutlery Jewellery

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