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We personally source everything ourselves and only hand pick the very best and most interesting examples of silver cutlery.

Please note our Jewellery is Not Allergy Tested. 


We leave any natural wear marks on our finished jewellery, which may have been embedded into the original item of cutlery for hundreds of years!

This gives each piece its very own identity and unique look.


One of our favourite creations are our

"Silver Imprint Memory Pendants"

We wanted to personalise pendants & jewellery for family and friends, with something special, so our idea was born to preserve memories using various different meaningful objects and items.




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click on images to view full details

click on images to view full details

Our website has an extensive photo gallery and shows examples of the type of jewellery we make, we're constantly designing new items that can be viewed at our events. 

Handmade Cutlery Jewellery

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